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Escaping The Rat Race Is A DECISION Away

Welcome to my Website!
I don't know where you find yourself in LIFE right now, but you have the choice to CHOOSE a better one.
Allow me to share my journey with you and along this journey, you might find some tools and tips to help you break FREE, like I did.

I Am Bernard Swanevelder, a husband & father. 

I am no expert. I have no extraordinary skills either.
What I do have, is a story to tell.
I have been able to escape the rat race in 2019, by following specific daily actions that excelled me to break out of the system....

What I Can Do For You

Crypto Tips & How To's

Crypto Tips & How To's

Depending on your Crypto knowledge and skill, I will provide you with some tips and how to's in this space from my experience.

I've been in the Crypto space since 2015 and have learned and experienced the good, the bad and the ugly.

I want to help you prevent the bad and the ugly as far as possible.

Specific Vehicles for Passive Income Online 

Passive Income Vehicles

I have found, utilitized and implemented some great Passive Income vehicles (opportunities) that anyone can benefit from. Most in the crypto space.
This is optional and I will share what I do.
Depending on your strategy, you decide what is best for you.

Online Marketing Tips & Tools

Online Marketing Tips & Tools

There are so many options online, but not many systems, tools and people have it all in one place.
I have used many different products and I will share the ones I feel have great value and that has worked for me.

My goal is to provide you the fundamental content to increase your knowledge in the above mentioned criteria in order for you to Master the Basics


What Others Say


I got to know Bernard over the past 2 years and got to know him better over the past 8 months. 

He is the type of person I would follow online. 

Bernard is someone who is out there to help people. 

I highly recommend Bernard as he is ethical and trustworthy.

Peter Muller, August 2020

“He's Done It”

I am super privileged to call Bernard a friend, mentor and coach.

It is with absolute confidence that I can recommend him to anyone that is looking to break free from the rat race and truly start living the life of their dreams.

Bernard teaches and guides from experience – he’s done it, he has helped others to do the same and the question is simple – are you next?


Charlene Chiang, September 2020

“Financially Free!”

Knowing Bernard for over 20 years. 

Happily married with 5 children and financially free. 

Wasn't it for Bernard that opened my mind to this different reality I will not be where I am today. 

I can tell you whole heartedly that knowing Bernard for over 20 years, what you see is what you get, your best interest is what he keeps in his heart. 

Bernard is a trusted friend and he will help and guide you to achieve your goals.

Lourens Haasbroek, Online Marketer,
September 2020

Ready To Join Me On My Journey?

I am looking forward to walk this JOURNEY with you.

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